We provide unique high performance materials and precision micro-parts utilized in all phases of semiconductor device electrical testing - from wafer level to finished devices.

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Aerospace & Military

We produce high reliability, high precision Gold, Platinum and Palladium based contact materials, parts and assemblies for demanding applications from the Earth to Mars and beyond.

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Sensing and switching are an integral part of modern vehicle electronics. We supply complex components and routinely develop new custom precious metal alloys to meet these demanding requirements.

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We help put the “control” into appliance controls with the supply of various electrical contact parts and assemblies.

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We produce unique materials, precision components and custom connectors to meet your needs for implantable and interventional devices. We can provide solutions for all of your biocompatibility, radiopacity, electrical and mechanical performance needs

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From electrical commutation slip ring components used in wind power generation to complex parts and materials used in smart meters, we provide unique solutions for emerging energy applications.

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Announcement - We Have Moved


Deringer-Ney Inc. (DNI) is proud to announce that we have relocated our current operations from a leased building in Bloomfield, CT to a new state of the art facility designed and built specifically to meet our present and future needs. The new building is approximately 8 miles from our old location and houses all of our current Connecticut Operations including Materials Processing, Molding, Machining, Stamping, R&D, Tooling and Engineering, plus various Sales and Administrative functions.

At Deringer-Ney, we invent specialty alloys and make precision manufactured parts for a wide variety of applications. Our products are in millions of devices used worldwide, including appliances, automobiles, switches, medical technologies, sensors, electronics, and many others.

Our custom alloys have expanded capabilities in neurostimulation, implantable devices, medical diagnostics, semiconductor fab and test, and many other technologies. And we’re continuously inventing more. We provide the alloys as raw materials and also make fabricated parts and assemblies. Since most of our alloys contain precious metal, we recycle the scrap internally, resulting in better cost control.

We are one of the world’s largest producers of custom electrical contacts and contact assemblies for switches and controls. We make these contacts by cold forming, automatic welding, automatic staking, and brazing. We also produce continuously welded contact tape and tape cutoffs.

Our world-renowned R&D department, along with our experienced technical staff, provides innovative design and engineering solutions. We help customers invent new devices and solve performance problems using our alloy technology and our expertise in precision manufacturing. We routinely assist in cost reduction through intelligent design. And we provide ROHS assistance.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include precision cold forming, complex precision machining, stamping and microstamping, metal forming, and metal joining. We also offer contract assembly in our Nogales, Sonora, Mexico facility. And our micro manufactured parts push the technical envelope by making devices smaller and smaller, for convenience, lower cost, and better performance.

Come inside to explore our capabilities!