Micro Manufacturing Portfolio

Stent Marker

At Deringer-Ney we continually strive to provide new processes and technologies to make MICROmfg™ parts for a wide variety of markets and applications. Our industry leading cold forming technology is fast, efficient and less expensive with the benefit of providing the ability to produce parts can be to net or near net shape with little or no scrap.  Pictured below is a micro formed radiopaque stent marker produced from one of our custom precious metal alloys developed to meet specific customer design requirements.


Micro Contact

Deringer-Ney cluster rolling mill capacity combined with our precious metal alloys manufacturing provides us with the ability to produce strip materials as thin as 12.5 microns in thickness.   This capability provides the ability to produce ultra-small microstampings for a number of emerging applications where traditional stamped products are not adequate to meet customer design requirements.  Pictured below is a micro stamped sliding contact produced from a custom precious metal alloy developed specifically for the device requirements.


Micro Insert Molded Connector

Deringer-Ney has pioneered the assembly of micro fabricated components utilizing micro-insert molding  technology.   We can combine our manufacturing skills with our micro stamping capabilities to provide you with a completed sub-assembly component to meet your needs.  Pictured below is a custom digital hearing aid connector manufactured by us that utilizes many of our MICROmfg™ manufacturing skills.  We have the ability to produce small or prototype quantities through high volume production requirements.


Micro Spring under SEM

Deringer-Ney can also provide micro wireforms to meet your product application needs.  We specialize in the manufacture of MICROmfg™ wire formed products for numerous semiconductor wafer level and device testing applications.  Most of these products utilize our ability to produce custom precious metal alloys to meet demanding application and testing requirements.  We also produce numerous micro formed brush contacts for electrical slip ring applications.


machined micro electrode

Deringer-Ney is unique in that we are experienced in producing Ultra-Small MICROmfg™ components to tight tolerances using many different alloys and manufacturing processes.  Unlike most suppliers we are specialists in working with non-ferrous, precious and exotic metals. Our skilled designers have decades of experience producing these specialized components to meet your needs.  Our metallurgists, design and manufacturing engineers can help you with your application questions and help design components to meet your technical requirements.  Combined with our  in-house tooling and automation capabilities Deringer-Ney is the manufacture of choice for your MICROmfg™ projects.


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