Platinum, Gold, Palladium and Silver Alloys

At Deringer-Ney, we make a variety of precious metal and refractory metal alloys for our cold formed parts and electrical contacts.  We also design new alloys to bring performance or cost benefits in specific applications. 

Most, but not all, of our alloys contain combinations of palladium, platinum, gold, and silver.  Other elements are also used.

Paliney® and Neyoro® High Performance Alloys

Our Paliney and Neyoro families of alloys are specially designed high performance alloys.  Most Paliney alloys are palladium-based, with additions of platinum, silver, gold, and other elements.  Most Neyoro alloys are gold-based.

In general, the gold, platinum and palladium additions provide nobility, or freedom from tarnish, and the other elements help provide strength. 

Most of our alloys are hardenable by heat treatment, or by a combination of heat treatment and cold work.  A few are work hardenable only.

Each alloy is designed for a specific set of applications.  Applications include potentiometers, sensors, semiconductor test and Fuel Sensors.

Medical Alloys

We produce a family of alloys for medical applications.  Critical requirements for these alloys may include biocompatibility, strength, radiopacity, and freedom from tarnish.  For more information

Our alloys are used in applications ranging from lead electrodes for Cardiac Rhythm Management and Neurostimulation Devices to radiopaque marking.
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Custom Alloys

We also develop and produce custom alloys for specific applications.  Generally we focus on platinum, palladium, and gold based alloys, but we also can produce parts in Titanium, Tantalum and Silver. 

For more data on individual alloys, see our Alloy Data Pages

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Alloy Sizes and Tolerance Tables

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Techincal Considerations

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