Precision Insert Molding

Deringer-Ney is a leading producer of high precision stamped and insert molded Insert Molded Partscomponents utilized in a variety of automotive,  Automotive Sensor Molded Wiper Contact Spring Assemblieselectronic, medical and aerospace applications. Applications range from high volume automotive sensors to sophisticated satellite sensing and switching array components. We also fabricate numerous stamped and precision insert molded parts that are utilized in low current electrical contacts for switches, precision potentiometers and electrical commutation (slip ring) products.


 Insert Molded Components

These stamped and insert molded components typically must exhibit a combination of extremely high reliability, precision tolerances, excellent corrosion resistance and electrical performance as well as economic benefit that is suitable for many of the high volume applications.

Insert Molded Parts

In many cases, these components are produced from custom biocompatible alloys of Platinum, Gold, and Palladium both designed and produced by Deringer-Ney.

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Molded Contact Wipers

Fuel Level Sensor Molded Contact Wipers.
Automated Insert Molding

Fuel Level Sender Applications

Did you know that Deringer-Ney is a world leader in the supply of sophisticated insert molded automotive fuel level sensor module contact wiper assemblies?  Our parts can be found in electric fuel pump modules produced virtually anywhere in the world.  In most cases the contact materials were designed and invented by Deringer-Ney to meet specific customer performance and cost demands. Click here for more information


Typical Application

Multi Piece Stamped and Insert Molded Satellite Electrical Contact Switching Array .