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The Deringer Manufacturing Company was founded over 60 years ago and has been recognized as a market leader for the supply of electrical contact parts and assemblies.  The business has diversified through the years and now includes the capability to produce ultra-small, precision metal components utilizing our unique MICROmfg™ cold forming technology. We provide components to a diverse customer base with major customers in the automotive, appliance controls, electrical controls, military & aerospace as well as medical equipment and device industries.   Manufacturing centers are located in Marshall North Carolina and Nogales, Sonora, MX with engineering and design support in Tucson, AZ.

The J.M. Ney Company was founded in 1812 and has been in continuous operation since.  The company initially offered gold refining services and was one of the first companies to do so in North America.  From the mid 1800’s through the latter part of the 20th century, the company continued to expand capabilities to invent new materials and provide numerous products to meet the needs of an ever changing dental products marketplace.  In the 1950’s the business diversified to include the development of custom alloys and precision components for many industrial, automotive and emerging electronic device applications.  The dental business was divested during the mid-1990s.  Today, we are the global market leader in the invention and application of custom precious metal alloys and precision machined, stamped, insert molded and wireformed components for a diverse global customer base.  Applications include automotive position sensing, low current sliding electrical contacts, dental implant materials and components, semiconductor wafer level and package testing, military and aerospace components and materials and components for interventional and implantable medical devices. The manufacturing center is still located in Bloomfield, CT with both engineering and design support services on site.

Combined, we are Deringer-Ney, Inc.  We are the global leaders in the invention, development and supply of custom precious metal alloys and precision components to meet your needs.  Our diversification and vertical integration makes us your complete solution for all of your product requirements.



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