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This is dedicated to the people of Deringer-Ney who continue to help in the battle against Covid-19.  Deringer-Ney employees had been instrumental since the beginning of this crisis by building and supplying parts for all types of life-saving medical equipment.  This includes not only parts used in machines for fighting Covid-19 such as ventilators and blood analyzers, but also other critical components used in pacemakers, cardiac monitors, and CAT scan machines to mention just a few.  This is a special thank you for all those who continue to serve in these difficult and unprecedented times.  Covid-19 will continue to be a challenge throughout the next few months, but we will eventually make it through as a stronger, more resilient community.  Deringer-Ney is committed to the safety of all our employees, while at the same time providing uninterrupted service to our customers.  Working together, we'll win this fight.

353 Woodland Ave, Bloomfield, CT 06002
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