Sliding Electrical Contacts, Arcing Contacts, and Molded Contact Assemblies

  • Fuel Level Sensors

  • Throttle Position Sensors

  • Seat Position Switch Assemblies

  • Windshield Wiper Controls

  • Door Switch Contacts

  • Steering and Drive-By-Wire Sensors

  • Shock Position Sensors

  • Climate Control System Sensors

  • Pedal Position Sensors

  • Seating and Comfort Control Products

  • Window Lift Contacts and Sensors

  • Mirror Position Sensors

  • Head Lamp and Parking Lamp Switches

  • Hazard Relay Contact Assemblies

  • Anti-Lock Brake System Components

  • Transmission Position Sensors




Components and Subassemblies for Ultimate Performance

  • Battery Disconnect (BDU) Contacts

  • Pre-Charge Relay Assemblies

  • High Voltage Accessory Relay Assemblies

  • Quick Charge Relay Contacts

  • Main Contactor Parts

  • Electrolyte-Resistant Feedthroughs

  • Sliding Contacts and Slip Rings for LiDAR

  • Corrosion Proof, Low Voltage Interconnects




Metal Alloys for Electrical Contacts


When choosing alloys for sliding contact systems, various trade-offs need to be carefully considered during the design phase...

  • system life / number of cycles

  • signal voltage and current

  • noise immunity

  • operating environment

  • cost / performance trade-offs

Please discuss your design with one of Deringer-Ney’s materials scientists or application engineers.  DOWNLOAD PRODUCT SHEET  




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