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Deringer-Ney Markets

Deringer-Ney supports a broad variety of markets, some of which are described below. The components we manufacture can be found everywhere including the car you drive, the medical equipment found in your local hospital, the far reaches of outer space, and inside the human body to name just a few. Deringer Ney’s family of precious metal alloys are used in the harshest of environments where failure is not an option. Come explore our capabilities and contact us with your unique application requirements. We would like to hear from you!

Medical Industry


Deringer-Ney is a leading producer of biocompatible metal alloys and leading supplier to the medical device industry. We specialize in materials for dental implants, drug delivery procedures, and interventional therapies.  We use a vast array of technologies including cold forming, micro machining, and micro insert molding to deliver state of the art products for the medical industry. Deringer-Ney's quality system is certified to strict ISO13485 standards for the medical industry.



Automotive Industry


Our precision stamping, welding, wire forming, and assembly technologies coupled with our high performance precious metal alloys are used to make sliding contacts for potentiometers, slip rings, fuel level sensors, and other current sensing devices.  Deringer-Ney also holds the IATF16949 quality certification, one of the automotive industry's most widely used international quality standards.




Semiconductor Industry


Deringer-Ney produces a number of highly specialized precious metal alloys for the semiconductor test industry. Deringer-Ney produces several palladium based alloys used widely in wafer and package test probes, including buckling beam and cantilever probes as well as pogo pins and sockets. Our newest alloy HC3 is higher in conductivity and material hardness.  We recently increased our production capabilities to meet this demanding and growing market.



Aerospace Military

Aerospace and Military

Deringer-Ney is proud of our products and their ability to hold up in the harsh environmental conditions found in aerospace and military applications. Our products are key components in mission-critical systems found in satellites, aircraft, and even driving far and wide on the surface of Mars.  Deringer-Ney precious metal alloys and high nobility components are ideal in applications where the stakes are high.






Energy is a continually expanding field for Deringer-Ney, in both renewable and traditional energy and power control applications.  Deringer-Ney designs custom alloys and manufactures application-specific electrical contact systems for a wide range of applications including commutation slip ring components used in wind turbines, electrical contacts used in smart meter technology, and countless other power control applications.



Appliance Industry


Electrical contacts for power applications and appliance controls are a main stay business for Deringer-Ney.  We produce millions of electrical contacts for smart water meters, thermostats, and a variety of control knobs for hot tubs and other power applications.  We have numerous low cost production processes to support large volume applications. Talk to one of our engineers to find the right material choice and process for your unique requirements.





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