Components for Aerospace

Deringer-Ney flies high while supplying the Aerospace Market. No matter if we are circling the earth or driving far and wide on the Martian plains, Deringer-Ney will provide the quality and durability expected for these extreme environments. We continue to advance our technologies and materials to continue leading in the industry higher and farther.  Come explore our offerings and see where we will go next.

Cold formed Tantalum Leads

Cold Forming/Cold Heading

We have one of North America’s largest cold forming facilities focused on precision cold forming of small to micro parts.  We produce precious metal contact rivets as well as close tolerance cold formed parts for a variety of Aerospace application. Cold Forming technology allows the production of precious metal parts at a very competitive cost. It also is a preferred technology for parts designed with alloys that are  difficult to machine because they are too soft or “gummy”, like nickel, gold, silver, or tantalum.

Aerospace relay part produced from bimetallic strip

Electrical Contacts - Switches and Relays

Deringer-Ney is a leading producer of electrical contacts for electromechanical switches and relays.  Our manufacturing technologies include welded and brazed contact assemblies as well as contact rivets cold heading, welding, in-die staking, and tape welding. We also offer small volume production for prototypes and low volume applications needed in the Aerospace Industry.

Bifurcated bimetal 


Sliding Contacts for Position Sensors

We produce parts as well as special alloys for sliding contact applications. Our precision stamping, welding, wire forming, and assembly technologies, coupled with our high performance alloys, are used to make sliding contacts for potentiometers, slip rings, fuel level senders, and other sensor-level current devices.

Rod Strip Wire 

and Foil

High Performance Precious Metal Alloys

Our Paliney and Neyoro families of alloys are widely used in potentiometric devices, sensors, and sliding contacts where consistent electrical conductivity is required.   Paliney 7 is widely called for in Military and Government specification. Come to the leader in precious metal alloy development; we have been melting, casting, and fabricating these high performance precious metal alloys for over 150 years.




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