Components for Appliance Controls

Deringer-Ney has been producing appliance controls for years.  Whether it’s a dryer timer, thermostat  or a component in a variety of control knobs for a hot tub or stoves Deringer-Ney has the insight, technology and materials for all of your appliance applications. We have expertise in redesigning electrical contact to meet ROHS compliance. Is this an issue for you?  We will assist you in finding alternatives to prohibited materials.  Come explore our offerings. We are here to turn on the appliances of the world.

Control Knob Cores

Cold Forming/Cold Heading

We have one of North America’s largest cold forming facilities focused on precision cold forming of small to micro parts.  We produce precious metal contact rivets as well as close tolerance cold formed parts for a variety of appliance control applications. Cold Forming technology allows the production of precious metal parts at a very competitive cost. It also is a preferred technology for parts designed with alloys that are  difficult to machine because they are too soft or “gummy,”, like nickel, gold, silver, or tantalum.

Contact Assemblies including brazed parts

Electrical Contacts - Switches and Relays

Deringer-Ney is a leading and one of the world’s largest producer of electrical contacts for electromechanical switches and relays.  Our manufacturing technologies include welded and brazed contact assemblies as well as contact rivets, cold heading, welding, in-die staking, and tape welding.

Appliance Timer 


Stamping and Microstamping

We stamp a wide range of precious and non-precious metals to produce contact assemblies, contact brushes, and a variety of other parts. Our high speed welding and staking facility in Nogales, Mexico, produces parts for electromechanical switches and relays. These generally include a precious metal electrical contact attached to a spring or terminal.

Design Assistance

We routinely offer assistance with ROHS, cost reduction, product design, and troubleshooting.




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