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Components for Automotive Applications

Deringer-Ney supports the Automotive Market with a wide variety of application and technologies. More than likely, there is a cold formed component or electrical contact made by Deringer-Ney in your car. Come explore our offerings as we are always interested in new applications for today's modern world.


Electrical Contacts for Switches and Relays

Deringer-Ney is a leading producer of electrical contacts for electromechanical switches and relays.  Our manufacturing technologies include cold heading, brazing, welding, in-die staking, and tape welding. We also offer small volume production for prototypes and low volume applications, such as service parts.

Precision Stamped Paliney Sliding Contacts.

Sliding Contacts  for Slip Rings, Potentiometers and Sensors

Our precision stamping,  welding, wire forming, and assembly technologies, coupled with our high performance alloys, are used to make sliding contacts for potentiometers, slip rings, fuel level senders, and other sensor-level current devices.


Cold Forming/Cold Heading

We have one of North America’s largest cold forming facilities focused on precision cold forming of small to micro parts.  We produce precious metal contact rivets as well as close tolerance cold formed parts for a variety of applications.

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Stamping and Microstamping

Our stamping facilities in Nogales, Mexico, and Bloomfield, Connecticut, produce a range of stampings from electrical contact assemblies to high precision potentiometric brushes and micro-stampings from ultrathin sheet and strip.


Insert Molding

For switch and sensor components that required plastic over molding, such as fuel level sender wiper contacts, our automated insert molding operations provide components produced to very tight tolerances at competitive prices.




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