Medical Applications

Precision Machined Parts Cold Formed Gold Stent Marker

Deringer-Ney is a leader in the manufacturing of precision medical components. Today, we are a leading supplier of medical device components and dental implant components for the dental and medical industries worldwide and provide numerous parts and materials for diverse medical applications including hearing aids, dental implants, endoscopic devices, drug delivery, interventional therapies and implantable devices.  Alloys include platinum, palladium, gold, and titanium alloys.

Deringer-Ney offers a wide range of processes for producing ultra-small, precision components, including medical components machining, micro machining, cold forming, micro injection molding, micro insert molding, precision stamping, micro stamping and micro forming. We also manufacture precision electrical micro connectors for both interventional and human implantable applications.


Laser Welded Electrode Assembly

Additionally, we can provide a variety of custom biocompatible alloys in both wire and strip form that meet your application needs and control your precious metal costs. We have been in the business of producing a variety of Gold alloys, Platinum alloys and Palladium alloys since 1812. We also offer Contract Manufacturing of completed sub-assemblies at our Nogales, MX facility.

All of our facilities are ISO-9001 registered. Bloomfield, Connecticut is both FDA registered and holds ISO 13485 Medical Quality Standard certification.  Our Marshall, NC facility is also certified to the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices.



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