Semiconductor Applications

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Buckling beam probe made with Paliney 7®.

Deringer-Ney produces several palladium-based alloys used widely in wafer and package test probes, including buckling beam and cantilever probes, as well as pogo pins and sockets.

Both alloys are palladium-based and tarnish resistant. They do not require plating. This provides increased reliability over plated probes. And both have the ability to be hardened through heat treatment.

Paliney 7® has been used since the 1970’s for cantilevers and buckling beam style probes.

H3C® a newer, higher conductivity, higher hardness material, is replacing Paliney 7® as a material for buckling beams and pogo pins. It is ideal for tight pitch applications where the current level remains high but the probe cross section is reduced. Customer testing has shown that this alloy allows very small diameter probes to operate with far less resistive heating than Paliney®; 7. Here is a properties comparison of the H3C and Paliney 7 alloys.

Paliney 7 and H3C wire and ribbon is available continuous on spool or in straight cut lengths.

Both alloys are available in wire, ribbon, and rod forms. Paliney ® 7 is also produced as sheet. Wire can be provided in cut lengths as well as formed, stamped, or cut parts.

Wire is produced down to 20 microns (.0008 inch) diameter, and can go smaller. Ribbon is available as small as 30 X 50 microns (.00118 X .00197 inches). Sheet is available down to 10 microns thick.


Parts and Components for Semiconductor Test

In addition to our famous materials, Deringer-Ney produces parts for semiconductor test applications. Typical parts include:

  • Wire or beams in short cut lengths, for further processing into cantilever or vertical probes,
  • Formed probes, produced from wire
  • Stamped probes, produced from sheet

Homogeneous H3C probes have long lives and high reliability.  That means your workers will spend less time replacing probes, and more time on other tasks.

Most are used in probe cards for wafer and package test, and in sockets for package test.

Tooling and any required automation are designed in-house.

Prototypes are available.

One advantage of having Deringer-Ney produce your parts is our ability to internally control and recycle the waste material, including chips, stamping scrap, and other forms of scrap. This is a cost-effective solution and eliminates many headaches compared to when the part production is done elsewhere.



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