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Deringer-Ney Announces new Class 7 Clean Room
in Nogales Mexico Facility

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Deringer-Ney Announces the Paperback Release of the
Ney Contact Manual - Electrical Contact for Low Energy Uses
Now Available on Amazon

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Deringer-Ney Inc Announces Production of New Electrical Contact

Deringer-Ney pleased to announce the production of a new electrical signal level contact that should eliminate the need for capital tooling as well as improve sensor design. Click here to read Press Release

Deringer-Ney Inc. Announces New Alloy Paliney C

Deringer-Ney Inc. has developed a new alloy, Paliney C®, that provides increased current carrying capacity for semiconductor test probes. Deringer-Ney is a leading manufacturer of high performance precious metal alloys and parts used in a variety of industries, and their newest alloy can help improve the performance on your next laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  Click Here to read Press Release