Custom Alloy Development


If standard alloys don't meet your requirements, let us help!  We have many decades of experience in this area as we have been developing custom precious metal alloys for over 150 years!  While our alloy offering is already substantial, our material scientists can tailor a custom metal alloy to meet your specific needs. We routinely invent new materials for our customers and have introduced numerous new alloys in the past five years alone.


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We are constantly investigating and developing solutions to meet our customers materials needs.  Whether it's inventing new alloys to counter fuel formulation induced corrosion in automotive fuel level sensing applications to the development of unique materials for use in electrical commutation for wind turbine power generation, we will work with you to develop precious metal alloys to meet your performance and cost goals.


We are technology leaders in the development of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium alloys. Our alloys are available in wire, ribbon, or strip with a variety of tempers.  Our staff of metallurgists and materials scientists are prepared to work with you to meet all of your needs.



Custom Alloy Melting and Casting

Medical Alloys

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Vacuum Arc Re-melting Process

Paliney® Invivo family of alloys

Did you know that Deringer-Ney invented a new Palladium alloy as a low cost replacement for Gold, Platinum Iridium and Platinum Tungsten for radiopaque marking applications on interventional catheters and guidewires? The new Paliney® Invivo family of alloys provide identical mechanical, radiopacity and biocompatible characteristics for less than ½ the cost of Platinum. Click here for more information.

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