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Custom High Performance Alloys

Custom High Performance Alloys

Materials for Sliding Electrical Contacts and Slip Ring Brushes

Materials for these applications typically must exhibit a combination of low contact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. We provide solutions to these requirements through the supply of a family of Alloys invented to meet these unique requirements. Our family of Paliney and Neyoro Alloys were developed to meet these needs.

Materials for Interventional and Implantable Medical Devices

Materials for Interventional and implantable applications normally have a specific combination of application demands such as strength, radiopacity, biocompatibility and reasonable cost. We provide solutions to these demands with the supply of materials developed specifically to meet these needs.

Material for Dental Implants Restoration

Deringer-Ney also produces custom alloys used for cast on Dental Implant restorations. These materials meet the specific product requirements for melting temperature, mechanical strength and thermal expansion.

Semiconductor Wafer and Package Testing

Materials for Semiconductor wafer level and package testing must provide a combination of high strength, corrosion resistance, and good adhesive transfer characteristics. In emerging applications, demands for higher electrical and thermal conductivity are also critical.



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