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Properties of Ney 75

Ney 75 is a silver-copper nickel alloy developed to offer a combination of high electrical conductivity with moderate mechanical properties and good wear resistance. The alloy is wrought hardened with the final strength and conductivity characteristics being strongly dependent on the final temper. The alloy properties make it a good candidate material for sliding electrical contacts and some low current applications.

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Mechanical and Electrical Properties - Wire

Condition UTS
% In 2 in.
(Hk 100 gr)
Annealed 40-55 (ksi)
280-380 (MPa)
10 min 100-125 76 nominal
Spring Temper 80(ksi) min 1 min 150-180 70 nominal
Special tempers
Available upon request


Physical Properties

Density, dwt / cu. in. 105.8 Modulus of Elasticity
x 106 psi

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