Properties of Neyoro™ 28 Family

The perfect alloys for high precision sliding contacts. Our Neyoro 28 series are soft gold-silver alloys with small amounts of other metals added to produce the varying degrees of hardness needed for specific applications. The Neyoro 28 Series are extremely resistant to tarnish and corrosion and have low resistivity and maintain low contact resistance over long periods of service. Neyoro 28 is a binary gold-silver alloy that is softer than either Neyoro 28A or B, but in other respects its properties are similar

Neyoro 28 was developed specifically as a sliding contact material for use in potentiometers wound with relatively soft copper-nickel resistance wires such as constantan, where a soft contact is desirable to avoid excessive wear of the winding.  It is quite ductile in either the cold-worked or annealed condition.

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Properties of Neyoro 28 Work-Hardened
Resistivity, normal, ohm-cmf 62
Microhm cm 10.3
Density, nominal grams/cc 16
Dwt./cu. in. 169
Solidus Temperature 1832
F, nominal 1000
C, nominal  
Coefficient  Of Linear Expansion/  
F (70 - 212F) nominal 8.7x10-6
C (20 - 100C) nominal 15.7x10-6
Thermal EMF vs. Platinum  
(0 - 100C), uv/C, nominal +4
Modulus of Elasticity, psi, nominal 12x106
Megapascals 83x103
Proportional Limit, psi, nominal 35,000
Megapascals 241
Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi  
Wire .005 - .060 dia., Strip .003 - .020" Thick, Rolled Shapes 50,000-70,000
Elongation, % in 2" **
Knoop Hardness (100-gram load)  
Wire .005 - .060 dia., Strip .003 - .202" Thick, Rolled Shapes 110-145
Vickers Hardness (100-gram load)  
Wire .005 - .060 dia., Strip .003 - .202" Thick, Rolled Shapes 95-125

The information contained in this Data Sheet is intended to assist you in the use of this product.  It is not intended to and does not create any warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular application.  The user should determine the suitability of this material for each application.  Data is subject to change without notice.



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