Properties of Paliney® 9

Paliney® 9 is an alloy with a chemical composition similar to that of Paliney® 7. It is a palladium-silver alloy that also contains gold, platinum, and copper. The principal difference in composition is that Paliney 9 does not contain zinc. It is used as a spring arm and electrical contact in miniaturized relays where higher electrical energy levels are reached compared with using noble metal contacts. Paliney 9 does not age harden in the same manner as Paliney 7 due to the absence of zinc. Its best spring characteristics are developed through cold drawing or work hardening followed by a stress-relieving operation. This produces wire that has sufficient ductility to permit forming and strength to be used as a cantilever member. Paliney 9 is used most often for low current make-and-break switching applications; however, its hardness does permit its use in sliding contact applications. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is similar to that of Paliney 7.

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Properties of Paliney 9 Stress-Relieved
Resistivity, normal, ohm-cmf 220
Microhm cm 36.6
Density, grams/cc, nominal 11.9
Dwt./cu. in., nominal 125
Solidus Temperature  
F, nominal 1950
C, nominal 1065
Coefficient of Linear Expansion  
Modulus of Elasticity, psi, nominal 17x10(6)
Proportional Limit, psi, nominal 120,000
Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi  
Wire .005-.015 dia. 140,000-160,000*
Elongation, % in 2" 12 min
Knoop Hardness (100-gram load) 275-340*

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