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Properties of Paliney® 1100 - Invivo


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Mechanical and Electrical Properties - Wire, 0.002 -0.010

Properties of Paliney 1100 Condition
Stress Relieved

Ultimate Tensile Strength (ksi)


Yield Strength (ksi) 0.2%


Elongation (% in 2 in)

2.5 min

Hardness (Knoop)


Electrical Conductivity (%IACS, Nominal)


Physical Properties

Modulus of Elasticity (x 106 psi, Nominal)


Solidus (Deg C)


Density (dwt / in3, Nominal)


Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (x 10-6 / oC ,  35 oC  to 500 oC)





Cytotoxicity- Elution Method (ISO 10993-5)

  • Result -no evidence of causing cell lysis or toxicity

Irritation and Sensitization - aqueous and organic extraction (ISO 10993-10)

  • Result -both aqueous and organic extractions
  • Primary Irritation Index was negligible for aqueous solvent, (0.0-0.5 for organic solvent)
  • No evidence of significant irritation from injected extract

Systemic Toxicity - aqueous and organic extraction (ISO 10993-11)

  • Result- both aqueous and organic extraction - no mortality and no evidence of systemic toxicity

In Vitro Hemolysis – aqueous extraction (modified ASTM) (ISO 10993-4)

  • Results - aqueous extraction (modified ASTM)
  • Mean hemolytic index is 0.0%
  • Test article extract is nonhemolytic

Muscle Implant – 2, 12 and 26 week exposure tests (ISO 10993-6)

  • Results -2, 12 and 26 week rabbit implant tests - classified as nonirritant in all tests

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