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Precious Metal Stamped Molded Parts

Precious Metal Wire Strip Rod

Precious Metal Contacts, Micro Components, and Custom Alloys

Deringer-Ney produces precious metal alloys and parts for a wide variety of demanding applications.  Our products and alloys can be found in literally millions of devices used worldwide including medical equipment, portable medical devices, semiconductor test equipment, military, and aerospace applications.  Material characteristics include biocompatibility, radiopacity, low contact resistance, and high mechanical strength.  Paliney®, Neyoro™, and Paliney® In Vivo series custom alloys can be produced and supplied as ultra-fine wire, rod, strip, and ribbon.  We manufacture precision components from customer prints using a wide variety of in-house manufacturing capabilities including high speed stamping and machining, wire forming, cold heading and forming, injection molding, and wire EDM.  Some of our precision parts are so small, they can only be seen using a microscope. 

Manufacturing Capabilities


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PowerMet High Votage Contacts

The leading manufacturer of electrical contacts for diesel-electric locomotives, onboard electrical systems, motor controls and power distribution. The locomotive industry relies on Deringer-Ney's the high-quality electrical contact to keep the locomotives running in any environment. We specialize in contact assemblies produced with materials such as silver nickel and silver graphite as well as compositions of silver or copper blended with tungsten or molybdenum. Our powder metal contact tips are produced in our powder metallurgy department with specialty powder processing and blending equipment. 

Silver Copper Alloy Cold Formed Parts

Cold Heading and Cold Forming

In our Marshall, North Carolina cold forming facility, we make a wide variety of custom cold formed parts with a special focus on small to micro parts. Many include secondary operations such as rolling, pinching, and drilling. Typical applications are cold formed pins, heat sinks, leads, standoffs, cores, and others. Our in-house tooling department helps control both cost and lead time. Rapid prototypes are available. For a detailed article about cold forming, read Cold Forming...When CNC Just Doesn't Cut It.



Electrical Contacts and Contact Assemblies

Since 1950 we’ve been one of the world’s largest producers of electrical contacts and contact assemblies for electromechanical switches and relays. We make cold headed contact rivets, brazed, stamped, and welded contacts and contact assemblies.  Many are assembled using automatic staking or high speed automatic welding processes and we can also offer continuously welded contact tape.   Fast prototypes, application assistance and ROHS assistance are all available.   More information.



Formed and Stamped Metal Parts

We manufacture precision stampings and microstampings, wireforms, springs, and coils that are used in medical devices, sensors, semiconductor test, and many other technologies. We also make multislide parts, micro and high precision parts. Prototypes are routinely available and we can offer process scrap reclamation for precious metal materials. More information.


Dental Implants and Copings

Precision Screw Machining

We specialize in producing close tolerance, complex CNC Swiss machined and micromachined components for a multitude of medical, dental and other applications.   Parts are fabricated from precious metal and titanium and stainless steel alloys.  Our in-house precious metal alloy fabrication and scrap reclamation provides an significant economic advantage to our customers.    . More information.


Precious Metal Alloys

Precious Metal Wire, Strip, and Rod

Deringer-Ney produces specialty alloys for a variety of demanding applications in the form of wire, strip, ribbon, and rod.  We are always inventing new ones. Typical characteristics include high corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, radiopacity, low contact resistance, and in many cases the ability to age harden via heat treatment to high mechanical strength.  Our alloy products include Paliney®, Neyoro™, and Paliney® In-Vivo series, plus more.  We can fabricate components from these materials utilizing a variety of manufacturing processes including stamping and microstamping, wire forming, machining, and micromachining, cold heading and forming and precision insert molding.  We can provide application assistance and can also furnish contract manufacturing services to fabricate complex assemblies to meet your needs.    More information.


Insert Molding

Insert Molding

We provide insert molding of various components, especially precious metal stampings, with tight tolerances and spring force control.  These are used as components for sensors and medical devices, fuel level and position sensors, and other parts.  For fast support of these molding operations, we maintain a fully capable tool room, an automation department, and a full quality system. More information.


ardent p7 spring sem photo

Semiconductor Test Materials and Parts

Our Paliney® 7 and H3C alloys are widely used for semiconductor test probes.  We manufacture these alloys in a variety of forms – both as raw material and formed parts.  Typical shapes include wire and ribbon for straight and buckling beam probes,  and continuous or short wire lengths for cantilever probes.  These materials are also available in sheet, or we can supply you with a stamped or wireformed part to meet your application. These materials have also been employed as specialty electrodes in semiconductor thin film metallization equipment and as machined spring or “ pogo” pins for electronic testing equipment.    More information.



Metal Joining

One of our core technologies is the joining of dissimilar metals, especially precious metals.  Available processes include automatic welding, in-die staking, brazing, and plasma welding. We offer both high volume (automatic) and low volume (hand) production.  Secondary operations are available. All joining operations are supported by in-house tooling departments and quality systems.   More information.



Potentiometric and Low Current Contacts

Deringer-Ney’s Paliney® alloys are widely used in position sensors, potentiometers, and other low current applications. Typical contacts are bifurcated springs which maintain constant contact resistance in sliding applications.  We provide these as discrete parts or as molded assemblies.  100% automatic gram force control with accompanying statistical data compilation is available for our customers.  . More information.



Contract Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Our contract assembly division in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico takes advantage of competitive labor rates coupled with the technical resources of the entire corporation.  We assemble products with components produced in any of our manufacturing plants combined with other components provided by you or purchased from outside sources.  Typical products are switches, disposable medical test devices, semiconductor test parts, and other devices that require careful process and quality control.   More information.



Micro Manufacturing

We are a pioneer in the manufacture micro parts  using a variety of technologies.  These include microheading, microforming, micromaching, microstamping,  and micromolding, to name a few.  Our capabilities are evolving continuously.   To explore our current MICROmfg® capabilities,  click here.



Medical Components

We make a variety of materials and parts for interventional, implantable, and disposable applications.  Examples include  machined electrode components for implantable cardiac rhythm management and neurostimulation devices and ablation catheters, radiopaque markers, for guidewire delivery systems,  stent markers,  micro insert molded connectors, cold headed screws, screws  and stamped/wireformed switch components for hearing aids and many other applications.  Our alloy development capabilities provides the ability to provide both materials and parts for a wide variety of demanding applications. More information.




precision screw machining

Dental Components

We manufacture a variety of machined implants, attachment screws, prostheses abutments, copings, healing caps and other components for dental implant procedures.  Many of these components are fabricated from custom precious metal alloys developed and fabricated internally.   We also produce similar parts from both titanium and stainless steel.  In- house recycling of precious metal machining scrap also provides attractive economics to our customers.   More information.



Sensor Components

Our Paliney® family of alloys is famous for use in potentiometric sensors. Our cold forming facility makes parts from precious metals that are used in sensor cards for analytical instruments. Other alloys are used in brushes for signal processing in medical imaging. These are just a few of the variety of sensor applications we serve. More information.




Gary at sem

Prototypes and Design Assistance

We can provide prototypes at a relatively low cost and rapid lead time.  We also provide product design assistance to assist you with in developing your optimum product characteristics in the most cost effective fashion.  More information




Automated Molding Cell

Tooling and Manufacturing Automation

We have extensive tool design and build capabilities at our facilities in Bloomfield, CT, Marshall, NC ant Nogales, Mexico.  We can also design and build automated manufacturing cells to support higher volume production requirements. One example includes high volume insert molding with integrated vision/mechanical testing, sorting and packaging.  More information




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