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Electrical Contacts and Contact Assemblies

At Deringer-Ney, we’ve been manufacturing electrical contacts since 1950. We’ve produced billions of silver nickel contacts, rivets, stampings, contact tape, welded, staked and brazed assemblies.  The electrical contacts we make are used in a wide variety of appliances, motors, thermostats, air conditioners, power meters and numerous kinds of other devices.

Our experience and technologies help designers select the most cost effective alloy and electric contact technology. We work closely with our customers in solving performance problems, achieving cost reductions, and with ROHS compliance.

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Electrical Contact RivetsElectrical Contact Rivets

Our electrical contact manufacturing facility, in Marshall, North Carolina, is one of the largest electrical contact cold heading facilities in North America. Our products include bimetal contacts, solid contacts, and specialty cold formed parts.  We manufacture contacts made with many different kinds of electrical contact materials, including silver and silver alloys, copper silver contacts, silver with metal oxides, gold alloys and others.

Automatically welded contact assemblies.Automatic Welding

Automatic welding is often the most cost effective solution to join precious metal contact materials to springs and terminals. Our facility, in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, produces millions of welded contacts annually.

Automatic in-die staked contact assemblies.In-Die Staking

High speed in-die staking is another cost effective contact assembly technology. We have extensive experience and expertise in this method. In our Nogales, Sonora, Mexico plant, we design and produce the tooling, and run the parts on high speed presses. Prototypes are also available.

Brazed contact assemblies.Brazed Contact Assemblies

Often, brazing is the best technology to make certain electrical contact geometries. These include rivets, studs, and buttons. In our Nogales plant we make both high volume and low volume production of brazed parts.

Cross section of welded contact tape.Continuously Welded Electrical Contact Tape

In our tape production facility, we weld precious metal contact material to lower cost backing material. Tape can be provided on reels with continuous lengths, or as individual cutoffs. This tape is almost always welded to a substrate such as switch or relay terminal or spring.


prototypes_autowelded_and_autostaked_with_stampLow Volume Assembly and Prototyping

Have a low volume need for service parts or startups? Don’t want to pay for automated assembly tooling? We offer semiautomatic and manual assembly using the above joining technologies.





Design Assistance

We routinely offer assistance with ROHS, cost reduction, product design, and troubleshooting.



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