Brazed Electrical Contacts

Furnace brazing

Deringer-Ney manufactures a wide range of electrical contacts using a variety of technologies.

In our brazing department, we produce millions of electric contacts per year. These include bimetal contact buttons, bimetal studs, and bimetal rivet style contacts. Available technologies are furnace brazing and resistance brazing.

Furnace brazed parts.

Brazing can produce geometries where the precious metal contact material cannot readily be joined to the backing by other means, such as cold cladding, cold heading or welding. Since it is a metallic bond, the braze joint is extremely strong.


Humpback furnace.

Brazing is economical because it allows the expensive metal portion of the contact to be designed to the minimum precious metal content needed for electrical function, and the balance of the part to be lower cost material. And the mass production techniques employed at Deringer-Ney allow for economies of scale.

In furnace brazing, parts are fixtured in brazing jigs, which are then fed through the furnaces under controlled atmosphere. We have both mesh belt flat furnaces for silver, copper, and nickel alloys, and humpback furnaces for stainless steel or other strong oxide forming alloys.

In resistance brazing, parts are held under pressure between two hot electrodes, and the braze alloy melts and joins the contact material to its backing.

Our quality systems are supported by ISO 9001-2008 certification, and with the automotive specific clauses of TS 16949 including PPAP, APQP, and FMEA.


In addition to brazed contacts, we also produce in-die staked contacts and welded electrical contacts.

Our engineers and scientists have many years of experience with electrical contact applications. For contact theory and technical information, our Electrical Contact Design Manual is also a great reference.



Furnace Brazing of Electrical Contacts

Brazed Studs

Brazed Contact Screws. We manufacture the copper backing and the silver alloy facing by cold forming. Then we braze them together.

High Speed Welding

High speed welding.

Cold Heading

Our cold heading department produces many of the components used in brazing. The cold forming process is a very economical process to produce parts from expensive raw materials.

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