Small Volume Electrical Contact Assembly

For electrical contact applications that do not justify full automation, we offer manufacturing by semiautomatic or hand assembly. These are ideal for service parts and for prototypes.


With semiautomatic or hand assembly, parts can be produced in quantities from just a few to hundreds to tens of thousands. The tooling used is simpler and much lower cost than for automatic assembly.



Assemblies can include contact rivets, contact tape, brazed contacts, welded contacts, plastic parts, springs, terminals, and other components.

Assembly technologies include welding, brazing, staking, stamping, forming, coining, and others.


Delivery times for prototype tooling are much shorter than for fully automatic tooling. And, often, parts of the tooling used for semiautomatic assembly can be incorporated into automatic assembly tooling, reducing the overall automatic assembly tooling cost.


Our quality systems are supported by ISO 9001-2008 certification, and with the automotive specific clauses of TS 16949 including PPAP, APQP, and FMEA.

Nogales Tool Room

Our engineers and scientists have many years of experience with contact applications.  For contact theory and technical information, our Electrical Contact Design Manual is also a great reference.



Staked Contact Assembly

Staked contact assembly made in prototyping facility.

Welded Contact Assembly

Welded contact assembly prototypes.

Technical Expertise

DNI is one of the largest electrical contact and contact assembly suppliers in the world. We have broad experience with all kinds of switches and relays. Need to discuss your application? Contact us.

Medical Devices

Our prototyping facility also makes parts for medical devices, disposable analytical tools, and many others.

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