In-Die Staked Electrical Contacts

welding line overview

Deringer-Ney's autostaking operation houses high speed high precision stamping presses, which produce in-die staked terminals, springs, and other electrical contact assemblies. In the in-die staking process, bimetal or solid contact rivets feed from a feeder system into the progressive stamping die. The stamping die then stakes the rivet into place and simultaneously produces the completed part.

Autostaked parts

Autostaked parts are more consistent in quality than semiautomatic or hand staked parts. And autostaking production rates are thousands of parts per hour, which makes it a cost-effective assembly technology.

We make our own bimetal and solid cold headed electrical contact rivets in our Marshall, North Carolina cold forming facility.

Full die design and toolroom departments.

In our autostaking operation in Nogales, Mexico, we have complete toolroom. We design and make our own dies and spares. All of our autostaking tools are "Class A" dies, designed for high precision stamping, so they will run consistently for millions of parts.

For lower production volumes or for prototyping, we offer low volume hand or semiautomatic production. In these cases, the dies are less expensive than the high speed automation dies.

Full quality system.

Our production is controlled and supported by our quality system, which is certified to ISO9001-2008, and is compliant with the automotive specific clauses of TS 16949 including PPAP, APQP, and FMEA.

For contact theory and engineering information, our Electrical Contact Design Manual is a great reference.  We can also help with part design and troubleshooting.  Contact us for customer service, engineering support, or to discuss your application with one of our R&D material scientists.  



In-die staking of electrical contact rivets

Staked Electrical Contact

Cross section of staked electrical contact.

Additional details

Our cold forming facility in Marshall, North Carolina, makes all our cold headed rivets. They also make custom cold formed parts for many applications.

Contact Tape

tape section
We also make continuously welded electrical contact tape. This is attached to springs and terminals by welding.
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