Automatic Welded Electrical Contact

Automatic Welded Assemblies.

At Deringer-Ney, our automatic welding facility produces millions of welded contacts each year. These are used in applications, including relays, switches, and sensors.

Automatic welding is cost effective because production rates are typically thousands of welds per hour, and precious metal use can be minimized. Good electrical conductivity is guaranteed by the metallurgical bond formed between the contact material and the spring or terminal to which it is attached.  For contact theory and design assistance, our Electrical Contact Design Manual is a great resource.

A variety of contact materials can be welded. Options are:

  • Silver
  • Fine grained silver
  • Silver-Nickel
  • Silver-Cadmium Oxide
  • Silver-Tin Oxide
  • Paliney® Alloys
  • Gold Alloys

Welded electrical contact tape with contact material and non-precious backing material.

Welded contacts can be produced using a variety of contact starting materials. Options include wire, tape, and buttons.

Automatic welded wire is the most economical geometry when feasible. Usually this is possible for fine silver or silver nickel. Tape or buttons are used when the contact material cannot be directly welded to the substrate, or when the contact thickness is thicker than the required precious metal thickness. In this case, a backing material is used to reduce cost and allow welding.

To support the welding facility we have a complete toolroom in which we make our dies, electrodes, and spare parts.

We also produce autostaked parts.

In addition to welding, we also do in-die staking.

Our quality systems are supported by ISO 9001-2008 certification, and with the automotive specific clauses of TS 16949 including PPAP, APQP, and FMEA.

Our engineers have many years of experience with contact applications. Need help with part design, cost reduction, or ROHS compliance?  Contact Us.



Automatic Welding of Electrical Contact Spring Assemblies
Computer Controlled Automatic Welding

Hand Welding

For short runs or prototyping, we offer semiautomatic welding, which requires much less tooling than fully automatic welding.

Welded Sensor Components

Did you know that many sensor compononents have automatically welded tape contacts? Click here to learn more

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