Assembly & Contract Manufacturing

Semiautomatic welding

For small volume applications that do not justify full automation, we offer semiautomatic or hand assembly. This can be ideal for service parts, startup volumes, prototypes, and contract manufacturing of medical devices.

For more description of our capability as it relates to medical devices, click here.

Most small volume manufacturing is in our Nogales, Mexico location. In this facility, parts can be produced in quantities from tens to hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands. The tooling used is simpler and much lower cost than for automatic assembly.

Available assembly technologies include hand assembly, semiautomatic assembly, resistance welding, staking, resistance brazing, and ultrasonic welding. Other technologies are available as well.

Spin testing of hand assembled inertial switch with contacts made from Deringer-Ney Paliney 7®.

Components can be made from Deringer-Ney’s uniquely designed high performance alloys. They are often produced by Deringer-Ney’s broad range of manufacturing technologies, including precision cold formed parts, stamping, wireformingwelding, screw machining or brazing. Or they can be provided by you or purchased by us.

Often, parts of the tooling used for semiautomatic assembly can be incorporated into automatic assembly tooling, reducing the overall automatic assembly tooling cost. Our in-house tooling department allows us to produce almost all of our tooling with short lead times and at competitive costs.
There is a full tool room in the Nogales plant, backed up by US-based tooling departments. All small volume and contract Nogales Tool room manufacturing is supported by our technical departments in both Mexico and the US. Our Tucson-based engineering department supports the plant engineering, and our US-based R&D and engineering departments provide further support. Our quality systems are supported by ISO 9001-2008 certification, and are also compliant with many elements of TS16949 and ISO 13485.




Overmolded key with variable color inserts produced by semiautomatic assembly.

Hand Welding

hand welding 2
Hand welding - semiautomatic assembly.

Medical Devices

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Metal Joining

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