Hearing Aid Components and Materials

Micro stamped hearing aid volume wiper made from Paliney 5.  This alloy was specially designed for hearing aid applications.

Materials and components for Hearing Aids typically must exhibit a combination of excellent corrosion resistance, precision tolerances and mechanical strength properties. To meet the requirements of the industry producers, we produce a variety of hearing aid components, including Micro Formed, Micro Molded, Micro stamped and Micro Cold Formed components.

Custom digital hearing aid connectors.

We also produce Micro Connectors for demanding hearing aid device applications. These parts are typically produced from our family of unique Palladium alloys developed specifically for hearing aid applications where the combination of good corrosion resistance and superior electrical contact resistance is demanded.

Overmolded Paliney® 5 and Paliney®6 components.

Did you know that Deringer-Ney invented a family of new Palladium alloys to meet the combined requirement of lower cost and improved corrosion and electrical performance for hearing aid components including volume controls, switches and battery terminals? Click here for more details on our custom alloys.




Micro Stamped Part

Micro Stamped Hearing Aid Components.

 Micro Molding Part 

Micro Molded Hearing Aid Components.
Cold Rolling of Custom Micro Screws

Paliney® Invivo family of alloys

Did you know that Deringer-Ney invented a new Palladium alloy as a low cost replacement for Gold, Platinum Iridium and Platinum Tungsten for radiopaque marking applications on interventional catheters and guidewires? The new Paliney® Invivo family of alloys provide identical mechanical, radiopacity and biocompatible characteristics for less than ½ the cost of Platinum. Click here for more information.

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