Medical Machining

Micro Machined Component

Deringer-Ney specializes in the precision machining and micromachining of complex, tight tolerance medical device components for applications such as cardiovascular & neurological stimulation devices, endoscopy devices, drug delivery systems, radiopaque marking and ablation catheter tips.

Custom Alloy Development

Many of these components are produced from custom Platinum, Gold, and Palladium based biocompatible materials, which have been developed and are produced internally at Deringer-Ney.

We specialize in the creation of new medical alloys to meet specific requirements forMachined Dental Implant mechanical strength, long term implantable biocompatibility and MRI compatibility. We also produce a variety of components from other biocompatible materials such as Titanium, MP35N, 316 Stainless Steel and others.



Ablation Catheter Components

Ablation Catheter Components.
Precision CNC Machining

Human Implantable Components

Machined Components for Implantable Pulse Generator Devices
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