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Metal Forming Technologies

Deringer-Ney is a vertically integrated manufacturer with expertise in many Metal Form technologies.  If you are looking for applications ranging from Wire forming using 4-slide machines, Cold Forming and Precision Screw Machining on state of the art CNC machines for medical parts we have the technology to serve you.

Stamping and MicroStamping

Stamping of a wide variety of metals in thicknesses from .001" (25µ) to .062" (1.58mm). These stampings include parts for sliding contacts, hearing aids, switches, sensors, and medical devices.

Cold Heading and Cold Forming

Cost effective manufacture of parts by cold heading, cold forming, and secondary operations.

Wireforms, Coils and Fourslide

Precision precious metal wireforms for sliding contacts, sensor components, and medical devices. Catheter coils.

Precision Screw Machining

Machined precious metal, stainless steel, and titanium parts for a variety of applications. Internal chip recycling for lower cost.



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