Precision Wire Forming, Coiling and Fourslide

Deringer-Ney is a leading producer of high precision fourslide, CNC wire formed and micro coiled parts. These products are commonly used in electronic, medical and aerospace applications. Applications range from high volume sliding slip ring brush contacts for video surveillance cameras to highly noble Platinum alloy microcoil electrodes utilized in cardiac pacing leads.

We also fabricate numerous wire formed parts for use in low current electrical contacts for switches, precision potentiometers and other electrical commutation (slip ring) products.

Molton Metal poured from crucableThese components typically must exhibit a combination of high reliability, precision tolerances, excellent corrosion resistance and electrical performance as well as economic benefit that is suitable for many high volume applications.


In many cases, these components are produced from custom alloys of Platinum, Gold, and Palladium both designed and produced by Deringer-Ney.



Wire Formed Parts

Wireformed Sliding Contact and Slip Ring Brush Components.
Precision Wire Forming

Technical Considerations

Did you know that Deringer-Ney has invented a family of new materials intended for use in electrical slip ring sliding contact applications. These lip ring brushes have historically produced from alloys containing a high weight % of Gold for performance reasons. These new materials provide identical electrical contact performance at a cost savings of up to 40%.

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Hearing Aid Switch Sliding Contact

Hearing Aid Switch Sliding Contact.
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