Joining Dissimilar Metals



Automatic welding lines.

Laser Welding

Micromanufactured parts often need laser welding to retain the precision features in complex components for medical devices. Laser welding is also appropriate for joining dissimilar metals and provides good cosmetic characteristics where surface blemishes cannot be tolerated.

Spooled Bi-Metallic Ribbon.

Continuous Seam Welding

We produce hundreds of thousands of feet of toplay and overlay bimetallic and trimetallic resistance welded tape for a variety of switches and sensors. More info…


Automatic Resistance Welding

At Deringer-Ney we have numerous high speed resistance welders. We have an extensive selection of high speed automatic stamping and welding lines to address the need for springs and terminals for the automotive, appliance, and electromechanical switch industry. These are also useable for other parts. More info

Semiautomatic welding requires less expensive tooling than fully automated welding, and can be scaled up if needed.

Semiautomatic Welding and Brazing

For any product that is low volume or for prototypes, we offer semiautomatic welding and brazing, which requires less expensive tooling than fully automated production.


Furnace Brazing

DNI has the capability of brazing in protective atmospheres containing nitrogen and hydrogen. High throughput techniques have been developed for using continuous mesh belt furnaces for joining a large number of material combinations. More info

Photomicrograph at 10X showing the weld between C729 (left) and precious metal Paliney 6®  (right) only where it is needed for part function

Plasma Welding for Cost Control

Deringer-Ney has developed a unique process for edge welding two or more strips of metal, which enables us to manufacture parts where the high performance precious metal is located only where needed. The rest of the part can be made from a compatible alloy which provides the required spring force and geometry.


For more information, either contact us by email or phone Bruce Quimby at 847 772 5374



Autowelded Contacts

Automatic welded parts.

Automatic Welding

Automatic welding can be used for a variety of materials. Contact our engineers to discuss your application.

Medical Devices

Pt-Ir laser welded to 316L stainless steel for an implantable electrode for a medical device.

Bi-Metal Contact

Wiping contact with precious metal restricted to the thickness in Zone A and lower cost spring material makes up the bulk of the part (Zone B).

Plasma Welding

Producation of Bi-Metal Strip using Plasma Welder

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