Potentiometric and Low Current Contacts

Materials and components for sliding electrical contacts and slip ring brushes typically must exhibit a combination of low contact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and long life.  We provide solutions to these requirements through the use of a family of Deringer-Ney alloys that we invented to meet these demanding requirements. Our family of Paliney and Neyoro Electrical Contact Alloys were developed to meet these needs.  For general contact theory and technical information, our Electrical Contact Design Manual is a great resource.

 ;solid and bimetal_strip    Rod Strip and Foil materials

            Fully Integrated Custom Alloy Manufacturing Capabilites


We also produce a variety of precision stamped, wireformed and insert molded electrical contact components utilized in various slip ring sliding contact and potentiometric position sensing applications.  Our materials and components can be found in many diverse applications such as slip ring brushes for Computed Tomography Scan gantry power commutation, wind turbine power generation, video surveillance systems, military and aerospace slip ring products.

 ;Molded Slip Rring Contact Assembly    Examples of Sliding Contacts

           Molded Slip Ring Assembly           Sliding Electrical Contact


We also have extensive experience in providing precision components for various automobile and industrial potentiometric position sensing devices.  As an example, we provide insert molded sliding electrical contact parts for automobile fuel level sensors that are installed in over 25% of the vehicles built worldwide each year.

 ;Over Molded Wiper Contact    

    Molded Sliding Contact Assy         


Our contract assembly division in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico takes advantage of competitive labor rates coupled with the technical resources of the entire corporation.  We can assemble completed slip ring brush assemblies to your specifications utilizing components produced in any of our manufacturing plants.



Stamped  Sliding Contacts

Solid  and Bimetal Stamped Contacts
Solid and Bimetallic Stamped Sliding Contacts.

Wire Formed Parts

Wireformed Contacts
Various Wireformed Contacts.
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