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Prototyping Services and Design Assistance

Looking for small volume production or prototypes for proof of concept? Want a cost-effective robust design, well suited for manufacturing? Or ideas for cost reductions? At Deringer-Ney we routinely help with all of these things.

DNI participated in the design, made prototypes, and then production of this Paliney 7® semiconductor test probe.  Millions of these are used today.

We provide small quantities of parts and also design assistance when desired. Our design suggestions center around making the product manufacturable, robust, and cost effective.

Your designs don’t need to be complete before you contact us. In fact, it is often best to talk with us during the design phase so that the part design can be optimized for manufacturing and cost.

Many appliance components contain parts produced at DNI.  We’ve helped cost reduce a number of these while preserving reliability

We have strong technical resources and many years of experience, especially when it comes to the products mentioned above. We’ve actually helped design some medical devices which are now on the market. And we’ve worked with our customers to help design switches which you have in your home. In many of these applications, we’ve helped our customers save millions of dollars per year compared to their original designs.

The prototypes we make include many different types of products. Typical applications are components for medical devices, sensors, and electromechanical switches, but there are many others.

Most of the tooling for prototypes is produced in house, for fast turnaround and competitive cost. Some of these tooling components may be useable if the product volume scales up, to help reduce future production tooling cost.

We also maintain a vendor base that complements our in-house prototyping capability. So when it makes sense to do some of the work outside we will do that. We’ll do whatever makes the most sense for you, our customer.



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